"Jarthur the Alien" is an animated web series for all ages. This absurd, wacky show had its Season One in early 2014, and Season Two premieres on Sunday January 25th. Each season contains six five-minute long episodes telling a continuous story.

Jarthur is a yellow alien blob visiting Earth from Blobulon. He's a little forgetful, goofy, but very enthusiastic. His catchphrase is "I'm a blob!" Without any arms or legs, he uses his slurping powers to slurp up different Earth foods, which always makes him burp out a different geometric shape. He's looking for energy for his planet, which he calls "noonon." Along the way, he meets an enthusiastic friend named Lydia Lizard who wants to help him find his way.


TYLER HOLTMAN (Creator/Writer/Animator/"Jarthur"/"Alan")

Tyler has been making movies since age eight, and studied film at Chapman University in Orange. He has been making animations for five years, and Jarthur is his most significant project so far. Tyler is also a photographer and avid meditator. To see Tyler's other films, animations, music videos, and more, visit www.tylerholtman.com


NICOLE ELLSWORTH (Co-Writer/"Lydia Lizard")

Nicole is a graphic designer and illustrator, and she is most passionate about writing and illustrating children's books. To see Nicole's other works, visit www.nicoleellsworth.com



The father of Tyler Holtman, Steve has been composing music for many decades. He is also a professional trombonist and orchestrator. To see samples of Steve Holtman's other work, visit www.steveholtman.com


MATT SCHWARTZ (Sound Designer)

Matt also attended Chapman University with Tyler Holtman and studied Sound Design. Matt currently works freelance on a variety of projects. To see Matt's other works, visit www.mattschwartzsound.com






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